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U.S. Alumni Clubs and Groups:

The Columbia Alumni Association supports clubs throughout the United States, including one near you! Use our zip finder to find the club closest to you or browse our clubs to find clubs anywhere.

Click here to see our alumni clubs and groups in the US

International Alumni Clubs and Groups:

Columbia's global presence includes alumni—and clubs in over 40 international locations. Find the club nearest you to make a connection. 

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Alumni Clubs and Groups in Asia: Club Websites are hyperlinked

Columbia Alumni Association of Beijing (CAABJ): Demographics

Columbia University Alumni Association (Hong Kong) Limited (CUAAHK): Demographics

Columbia Alumni Association of Shanghai: Demographics

Columbia University Alumni Association of Korea (CUAAK): Demographics

University Alumni Association of Japan (CUAAJ): Demographics

Columbia University Alumni Association of Taiwan: Demographics

Columbia Alumni Association of Guangdong: Demographics

Columbia Alumni Association of Dalian (China): Demographics

Columbia Alumni Association of India (Bangalore, Calcutta, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, NY): Demographics

Columbia University Club (Singapore)Demographics

Columbia University Club of Indonesia: Demographics

Columbia Alumni Association of Malaysia: Demographics

Columbia University Alumni Association of the Philippines: Demographics

Columbia University Alumni Association of Thailand (CUAAT): Demographics

Columbia University Club of Vietnam (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh): Demographics

Columbia Alumni Association of Bangladesh

Columbia Alumni Association of Nepal

Phnom Penh, Cambodia 

Yangon, Myanmar 

Colombo, Sri Lanka 

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