History of Columbia Alumni Leaders Weekend (CALW) in Asia:

Columbia Alumni Leaders Weekend in Asia had its inaugural weekend in Hong Kong in June of 2013. The energy, enthusiasm, networking, information sharing, and community building that has long term effects from impacting admissions of future generations to the Columbia, the strength and potential of the alumni network, and the support of our University's future. The 23 leaders in attendance representing 11 clubs from across Asia and India met for the first time and have been continuing to build a vibrant leaders community since then. As a result of their constant peer-to-peer communication, dedication, hard work, creativity, and remarkable energy, the Asia Columbia community has become the strongest, fastest growing and most engaged region outside of the New York metro area. 

Mission of Columbia Alumni Leaders Weekend (CALW) in Asia:

This bi-annual Leaders Weekend in Asia recognizes our most dedicated alumni leaders and provides an opportunity for celebrations, briefings and University updates, skill-building, sharing best practices, and showcasing the great work done by our alumni leaders. The Leaders Weekend agenda is driven by the alumni leaders based on feedback, interest, and regional activities, as well as providing a platform in which CAA helps to bring alumni leaders and clubs to the next level of leadership and engagement. 


CAA Alumni Clubs and Groups

CAA defines Alumni Clubs or Groups as formally structured associations of alumni who participate in regional activities, shared interest activities and University initiatives that foster a continued relationship with Columbia and one another.  Alumni clubs and groups are organized with a governing set of principles that connect alumni to one another by their passions, their interests, and their ongoing engagement with the University.

Mission of Regional Alumni Clubs and Groups

The mission of an alumni club is to be dedicated to the promotion of the welfare of Columbia University, the preservation of its traditions of excellence in education and service, and the advancement of its stature in the regional club area. An alumni club should represent the interests of the entire Columbia University community of alumni, students, parents, and friends to participate in the association’s activities. The purpose of the Club shall be exclusively educational, social and charitable.

Regional Alumni Club Leader

A Regional Alumni Club Leader is an important partner of Columbia University and plays a vital role keeping alumni connected to each other, their Schools, and the University and CAA. A Regional Alumni Club Leader should possess the following characteristics - willingness to work with the University, willingness to contribute time, enthusiasm, ability to motivate and engage alumni and volunteers, as well as adhere to the club’s governance.  Leaders should operate within club term limits outlined in their constitution/bylaws for continued growth and involvement in club community. 

Regional Contact

Regional Contacts are individual alumni representatives in domestic or international regions who want to actively engage alumni where no club exists. Regional contacts assist in promoting engagement opportunities with the University as well as serve as the alumni contact in the area for the Columbia Alumni Association and other alumni in the region.

Columbia Alumni Association (CAA) Regional Club Award of Excellence
Domestic and International Club

Introduced in 2011, the Regional Club Award of Excellence formally recognizes the CAA clubs most successfully engaging their alumni populations. Clubs around the world are reviewed by the CAA and the Associations & Clubs Committee to determine which shone the brightest in terms of alumni engagement and contributing to the strength of the CAA alumni network. For more information, please email Emily Arnold at [email protected]


Find information about Leaders Weekend here!





Questions: Email caainas[email protected] or Jaclyn Chu at [email protected]


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