Is your club interested in hosting the 3rd Columbia Alumni Leaders Weekend in Asia in 2017? If so, here's YOUR club's chance to "PITCH FOR YOUR CITY!"

Here's how it works:

1. In a 2 min or less video (cell phone video is fine!) tell us the below:

  • 3 interesting/fun facts about your club
  • 3 interesting/fun facts about your city
  • and of course, 3 reasons WHY your club and city should be selected! 

2. If you are unable to make a video, club leaders will be able to make their pitch in Taipei, but please let us know ahead of time. Videos and in person pitches will be watched and heard on Sunday, June 28 during the "PITCH FOR YOUR CITY!" session. 

3. Winner will be selected by the Taipei Planning committee, past host cities (Hong Kong and Taipei) and the CAA. Winner will be announced on the August Quarterly Call. Just in time to brag at your Columbia Connects event in September!  

Please submit videos to Jaclyn at [email protected]. Deadline is June 15.

To help get you started, please watch our NY pitch! Let's see your club's creativity! 

Good luck to all! 

Be sure to  now for CALW! 



To join, click here

Laura McHALE David Peng Shirley Hsu Akihiko Katayama Melody Ma June Chen Donald Choi Beatrice Lin Zhenlin Pei Edmond Ng Jinhong Park Hyun Joo Oh W ei Qin Louisa Zhang