Your diploma is your ticket to a lifelong journey with a community of alumni worldwide that today stands more than 320,000 strong.  

The Columbia Alumni Association (CAA) envisions a partnership between the University and its alumni that strengthens the connection between Columbians of all Schools, no matter where they live.  Today, with over 100 alumni clubs around the world, myriad shared interest groups that connect us through our passions, thousands of discussions online, and more than 200 events and programs each year across the globe, the CAA continues to fulfill our mission to connect Columbians—to each other, with the School we attended, and back to our shared experiences on campus.  

Along the way, take full advantage of Columbia alumni resources and benefits to stay in touch, build your network, and make your Columbia degree last a lifetime.


Brian C. Krisberg '81CC, '84LAW, P: '18CC

Donna H. MacPhee '89CC, P: '17CC

George Van Amson '74CC, P: '13CC, '15CC, '17CC



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